Remember Hulk’s ajrak? Meet the Pakistani photographer who gifted it to him

KARACHI: Remember when Mark Ruffalo’s photo in an ajrak went viral? Well, we’ve finally figured out who gifted the traditional Sindhi shawl to Hulk.

“I was in London where Mark Ruffalo was shooting for his film Begin Again (2013), I had met him a couple of times on work related grounds back then. Incidentally, a year later, I got an opportunity to interact with the actor once again while he was shooting for The Avengers in the city,” she said.

It’s intriguing that Sadia presented the traditional Sindhi shawl to him — she reveals the reason behind this particular gift. “I was overwhelmed by his time and devotion to contribute to my work portfolio. So my father suggested that I give him something as a token of my appreciation,” she added.

“I wanted to give him a gift that represents Pakistan and our culture. Since, I am from Karachi, there would have been nothing more fitting than an ajrak,” she explained.


“It was kind enough of him to wear it the very next day and share the picture on Instagram. He also sent me a thank you note saying that he is going to wear it when he meditates,” she said.

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