Gujranwala train disaster: Damaged engine carried out of canal


GUJRANWALA  – Engine of the train which fell victim to a deadly accident in Gujranwala has been taken out of the canal today (Sunday),


The engine has been completely damaged whereas the investigating authorities have started to examine it through different aspects.


The JIT report will be formed once the engine inspection is complete.


Besides this only one bogie of the train has been left in the canal for which evacuation efforts are underway.


Collapsed Chanawan bridge hindered teams  struggles to lift train wreckage after which heavy machinery and crane was brought from Islamabad to extract it.


Last night, four train bogies were carried out of the canal.


Railway sources report that the bogie left in the canal will also be extracted till this evening.


Moreover, the bogies have also been removed from the railway track and efforts for railway track’s maintenance are in process.


On the other hand, investigating teams are also busy in their work.


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